2017 September 21 

The artist Carin Carlsson held a lecture on "Art and Illustrations in Medicine". Carin showed examples of her work made in collaboration with doctors and editors, through the years resulting in thousands of illustrations used in Swedish health care and similar contexts. In addition, her latest work "Ode to Unwanted Noses, Suite No:1–9", that required the help of a plastic surgeon.

2017 September 17 

The film maker, stop motion artists and animator Camilla Lindén gave a lecture at the Biology museum. She talked about her collaborative work with composer Fredrik Söderberg, called "etude my life", and showed how to do short animations with a cell phone.


2018 February 03 - 17

Between two shows in Moscow the members of group went to the Swedish town Nyköping where the private "Galleri Sjöhästen" presented an exhibition of prints and paintings.


Collection BIOMUS at "Galleri Sjöhästen"