Life, Death and Trees

2018 April 21 - September 02

The project "Life, Death and Trees" continues the cooperation between a group of Swedish artists and the State Biology museum named after K.A. Timiryazev, Moscow.

The works of the artists were on disply in two exhibition halls, near by the halls showing the history of evolution of life on Earth, of plants and animals. Art on paper, photos and prints are placed in the glassed cabinets located in the halls next to the mushroom collection and the dinosaurs.

Curators: Ulrika Christell, Olga Zubareva.

Artists: Carin Carlsson, Ulrika Christell, Mattias Fagerholm, Tomas Lidén, Mia Malmlöf, Lars-Göran Yeudakimchikov Malmquist, Galina Yeudakimchikava Malmquist, Jöran Österman.


The poster shows a picture by Mia Malmlöf.



Mia Malmlöf

Tomas Lidén
Mattias Fagerholm
Mattias Fagerholm, screen: Ulrika Christell

LG & Galina Yeudakimchikov-Malmquist

Carin Carlsson
Jöran Österman