Collection BIOMUS / Museum Fantasies

2015 September 19 - October 07

The art project Collection BIOMUS / Museum Fantasies consists of an exhibition and an associated program of lectures, artist’s discussions, workshops and video art.

The exhibition was presented at The State Biology Museum named after K.A. Timiryazev in Moscow as a Special project within the frames of the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Collection BIOMUS is a group of artists working with different techniques and materials and with a common interest in exploring and describing nature. Each one has his own point of view, poetical, descriptive or questioning. In the old museum’s fantastic environment, we will collect and arrange different collections, with biological material - plants, animals, fungi, humans - as motif and theme.

Curators: Ulrika Christell and Olga Zubareva


Collection BIOMUS / Museum Fantasies

Our aim with the exhibition is to work artistically with the poetics of the museum. We are interested in exploring the museum as site (both its past and present), the collections and their objects, and to add new art objects as continuations of the themes (such as nature and the culture of the natural sciences) that could already be found within the museum.

The collections of the museum offer interesting possibilities for both re-interpretations of their taxonomies, as well as artistical approaches on how new taxonomies could be found that will let the objects speak to the visitors of the exhibition in new ways. The new art that will be produced for this exhibition by the artists (e.g. painting, sculpture and installation) will be in dialogue with the exhibitionary spaces within the museum (the existing interiors and traces and memories of the museums past). This is especially important since the museum already in itself offers an atmosphere that could be further enhanced and experienced with the aid of the artists, the artistic explorative processes and the exhibited art objects.

Our aim with the following program of lectures and discussions is to collect different people, to initiate a discussion between for example: professional artists from different regions and countries, different generations, people working in the sphere of Biology and that of Art.

Art historian Charlotta Krispinsson