Collection BIOMUS / Sekretiki

2019  November 01 - 17

The Biology Museum in Moscow invited the group of Swedish artists "Collection BIOMUS" to this art project inspired by the children's game Sekretiki, an outdoor game which was common in the Soviet Union but unknown to most of us in Sweden.

The artists all live far from the garden belonging to the Biology Museum, so they dug at home during the summer. Each one created an earth installation in their own gardens, allotments, cottages or let's say - dachas.

Venue: The State Biology museum named after K.A. Timiryazev.

Curators: Ulrika Christell, Olga Zubareva.

Artists: Ulrika Christell, Dascha Esselius, Hans Esselius, Karin Hedbrant, Tomas Lidén, Ulrika Thorén, Catharina Warme, Galina Yeudakimchikova Malmquist, Lars-Göran Yeudakimchikov Malmquist, Elisabeth Ödmann.

Project "Sekretiki" website: