Collection BIOMUS / Our Birches, Your Birches

2017 September 17 - November 05

The artists Carin Carlsson, Ulrika Christell, Tomas Lidén, Camilla Lindén & Fredrik Söderberg, Lars-Göran Yeudakimchikov Malmquist presents a program of short films, videos and slide shows at the Biology museum in Moscow. The works is shown on TV screens placed in the the central exhibition, among the natural history collections, next to glassed cabinets containing collections of stuffed animals, mushrooms and dried plants.

Video by Tomas Lidén "THE GARDEN OF SWEDEN"


Video by Lars-Göran Yeudakimchikov Malmquist "SHADOW"


Slide show by Carin Carlsson "Medical illustrations"


Video by Camilla Lindén & Fredrik Söderberg "etude my life"


Slide show by Ulrika Christell "The Painting with a Summer Pavilion"